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Organisations are always thinking of ways to get the best out of their people.

They want their teams to perform at their best, not only to maximise the ‘Salary’ line on the P&L, but also because creating great environments for people to work in the just the right thing to do.

The fact that creating great workplaces also ensures better great customer experiences and increased profitability just makes the drive to do so stronger.

Having productive employees is, however, easier said than done.

Why? Because the primary reason why most people work is to sustain their economic needs. It means that they see work as a means of living, and not as a recreational activity where they can have fun.

That is exactly the idea you need to change in your workplace.

Ever wondered why companies like Google, Facebook, and Adobe are able to produce groundbreaking and innovative features to their already established products?

That is because they cultivate fun company cultures in their workplace.

In fact, among companies identified as “great” in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a whopping 81% of employees say they work in a “fun” working environment.

To better understand how a fun culture can impact your business, consider the following benefits of the positive work environment and think of strategies tailored to your organisation and workforce:


1. Improved Organisational Health And Well-Being

It’s a fact that a healthy and happy team member is more productive. In a recent study conducted in Britain, 700 subjects were either shown a 10-minute comedy clip, or provided with snacks and a drink. After that, the researchers asked the subjects a series of questions to gauge their level of happiness.

They were then given tasks to measure relative levels of productivity. The experiment indicated that productivity increased by an average of 12% and reached as high as 20% in the group that felt happiest.

Human capital is the largest asset and the single greatest expense for most Organisations. By investing in wellness programs and technologies that can keep people healthy and happy at work, your organisation will not only be able to produce significant returns on your bottom-line but also improve the overall productivity of your teams.


2. Improved Employee Loyalty And Retention

Increasingly employees are looking for more than just a job, they are looking for a workplace that aligns with their values and provides more than just a salary.   Ensuring that your work culture meets the needs of your teams as well as the needs of your business has a direct impact on employee retention risks.

A positive company culture can ensure that employees remain satisfied with their jobs and loyal to the organisation. This can be an advantage for companies operating in a competitive hiring environment. These days, job seekers are more interested in signing on (and staying) with a company that promotes flexibility, supports employee development, and offers work-life balance.

Overall, improving employee satisfaction through a positive and supportive company culture can reduce recruiting, hiring, and training costs, while improving employee morale and increasing profits.


3. Improved Employee Engagement

It is generally agreed that a strong, positive company culture has an immense impact on business performance.  How does a fun company culture impact employee engagement and why should we care:

  • Communication: When employees believe their opinions and ideas are welcomed we see a reduction in the levels of resentment that can lead to absenteeism, negative morale and ultimately resignation or performance based termination. A communicative company culture also leads to greater participation, creativity, and innovation.
  • Safety: Companies that value employees emphasise safety. A culture of safety becomes ingrained, and employees are more mindful and engaged when performing their roles.
  • Collaboration: Instead of organisational silos, collaborative companies encourage self-sufficiency, decision-making, and teamwork. Employees are given opportunities to contribute, placed in roles in which they can succeed, and offered opportunities to build meaningful relationships with managers and colleagues.
  • Growth: Company cultures that foster employee development and growth give workers something to work toward and look forward to. Such cultures prevent boredom and job stagnation while keeping things exciting and interesting.

If you want to start a change in your company, start in promoting positive culture first. Once you realise the benefits of establishing a fun company, then it’s time to look for partners that can help you achieve it.

One of the ways to establish a positive company culture is through employee training and development. Not only can a well-planned experience increase job satisfaction and morale amongst your team it can also improve their motivation and productivity which results in bottom line gains.


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