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Businesses, no matter their industry or size, are all concerned with their customer service – especially at this age when buying experience can heavily influence the opinion of the customer, and subsequently, their decision to patronize and what they will say to fellow customers.

This is especially true when you consider the fact that 78% of customers would not pursue a purchase due to low customer service experience.

But for employees, it can be hard to maintain a “service with a smile” all the time. After all, they are not robots programmed with a single emotion, and it can be hard to deliver top services when they have to deal with throes of customers that may not all be pleasant.

However, you can ensure that your employees are motivated to put their best foot forward and display their best behaviour with a simple concept:

The Fish! Philosophy.

Today, we take a glimpse of the story of the Fish! Philosophy, what it entails, and what it can do for your business’ internal environment:


the fish story that will change your business