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Restrictions have eased and the doors to businesses are slowly ushering in much needed customers. But do your customers know you are back in the swing of things? Do you know the importance of reconnecting with customers?

  • Well step one, tell people your doors are open.
  • And if you want to tell people your doors are open, then it is probably time to call them.
  • Or at the very least, electronically contact them.
  • But it is crucial you connect with them the right way.
  • Reconnecting with customers correctly is as significant as wearing a mask the right way during a global pandemic.
  • Do it wrong, and it is wasted effort. Do it right, and you achieve what you are after.
  • And what we are after at the moment, is to say to our valued customers, we are here to help you!



Today, there are more ways than ever to reconnect with customers. There’s email, social media, mobile, meetings, virtual expos. The list goes on.

  • But which ways are the most effective?
  • Sparkle Training asked some of its customers, business owners, and managers to find out.
  • Here are their Top 7 recommendations for How to Correctly Reconnect with Customers, and that makes those methods effective.

Note: The success of a method depends largely on the business you are in and who or where your customers are.

That is, while social media sites may work well for some organisations, they may not be the best option for others.

Similarly, while some customers may prefer to be contacted via email, others may want or appreciate a phone call.

And a lot prefer a face-to-face meeting. As for prospective customers, try multiple forms of outreach and track which one(s) work best.


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You set up a website to generate money from it.

And it is also the reason why you set up a newsletter. That is, to build an email list from which to make money. Correct?

And I am sure you have been told repeatedly, to build an email list because ‘the money is in the list’.

Well, that is half true, the money is actually in the ‘relationship’ you have with the people on the list. For both B2B and B2C organisations, blogs and email newsletters are powerful tools for sharing information, nurturing leads, and building brand loyalty.

Here is why you should consider sending newsletters as part of your weekly digital marketing activities.

Top Of Mind Awareness

Studies show that staying in regular contact with your leads and customers is one of the most important factors in maintaining their loyalty.

brand awareness pyramid with Dominant In Mind at the top and Unaware of Brand at the bottom for reconnecting with customers training

It’s Cost-Effective

You use highly sophisticated technologies and long-term marketing campaigns to generate leads, often at a high cost of capital or resources, but communicating with those leads is infinitely cheaper by comparison.

Content is King

We know that content marketing is one of the most effective lead generation and customer relationship building techniques.

Providing potential and existing customers with compelling content help reconnect with them.

It also encourages them to trust your credibility and capability. And, if you do it right, it makes them want to hear more from you.



A lot can be gained from a telephone conversation. And a lot can also be given in return. This is what a customer relationship is all about, building that all important rapport of effective communication and customer connection. Next time you are on a customer call, listen out for the tone of their voice, inflections and even see if you can, “hear them smiling”.

Also, many professionals these days believe the time old art of cold calling is dead. This is because of its tendency to be unenjoyable. But, did you know there is a “warmer” alternative to this perceived relic. Read more about turning cold calls into warm calls and leads.

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“Meeting someone face to face allow us to tap into our customers on a deeper level. That means we are able to tailor our help to their needs” says HBB Group CEO Garret Norris. He adds, “once we know what a customers needs, we can customise our solution based on their challenges, and sometimes the only way to find that out is to meet them in person”.

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“At the KONA Group we make it our goal to respond to customer emails within five minutes, and the response we receive from our customers is usually something like Wow, that was quick or Well that was the fastest reply I have ever gotten, thank you so much” says Glenn Dobson, KONA Group Founder. So how does this help you as well as your customer? “People love efficiency and rapid customer service, it lets them know we care and in turn they refer people to our service, all because of our customer service.”

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“I love sending personalised cards by snail mail to let a customer know that I’m thinking of them” says Garret.

“Actual letters in the mail box almost do not exist anymore, so when a customer receives a card from me, they know I’ve put thought and time into it, which translates into feeling valued. And when customers feel valued, they buy and refer their friends.”


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You have been referred by a customer, your number has been passed on by a colleague, you were the topic of a Saturday arvo BBQ – it doesn’t matter, your name will be searched. And when your LinkedIn profile pops up, what will people see? (please tell me it will pop up at least, you do have a LinkedIn profile in this professional day and age?).


linkedin right and wrong profile examples


And, get this – 40% of monthly LinkedIn users access it on a daily basis! But – here is the crucial part – LinkedIn is used scantly, in baby bursts you could say, with users only spending an average of just 17 minutes on the platform per MONTH!

This means you have little, very very little, time to make a huge impact, so you want to get it right the first time.

You will be researched, believe me, it is a given. When your name is typed in a search engine, what will people find?

As Leaders, what image is your team’s individual LinkedIn profile saying about your brand? What does your shopfront look like?


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Employees and Customer Service officers can make or break any customer retail experience. Empowering them with access to real-time answers and information beyond what the consumer can find online provides value that brings customers back for more.


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Reconnecting with Customers and Effective Communication Workshops are customised to our client’s needs and is currently being rolled out by SPARKLE TRAINING virtually and in-person. To sharpen your team’s learning and to get their communication back on track in a post-COVID environment, contact SPARKLE TRAINING on 1300 611 288 or email info@sparkletraining.com.au to secure a spot.

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