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Providing great customer service is critical to retaining customers.


Many consumers say that they will look elsewhere after just one bad customer service experience.


So what makes great customer service difficult to achieve?


How to improve customer satisfaction | Qualtrics


Here you will find 4 major customer service challenges many industries will need to overcome this year.


1. Resource Availability

Technology and marketing are changing rapidly and will continue to do so in the coming years.

This means Customer Service Teams need constant upgrades which isn’t always easy.


And the biggest challenge in this will be the availability of resources.


2. Hiring, Training & Retaining Staff

The first step is hiring efficient people- then you need to train them.


Challenges in this area can be:

  • Conveying your brand’s message to your team
  • Having them convey that message to customers
  • When you have hired the right people and trained them to your company’s standards you need to be confident that they will stay


With many options available to people looking for career moves, what makes your company stand out?



3. Unreasonable Demands


Customers will always come in with suggestions about your product or service. While this is valuable feedback, you can’t act on all of their demands.


Be prepared for these demands, and handle them with initiative and reasoning.


4. Company Priorities

Many companies employ people and put them to work without a proper understanding of business operations.


If staff don’t understand the value of exceptional customer service, typically they won’t be able to deliver.


Customer service should progress along with customer’s needs.


 If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, it is important to make customer service excellence a priority.


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