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In the aftermath of the pandemic and with further-education alternatives on the rise, Universities are facing an unprecedented array of challenges.


Data released in 2020 unveiled that 1 in 4 unemployed Australians have a university degree.


So why are graduates struggling to find work in their field? And how can Universities overcome these obstacles?


Here are 3 of the biggest challenges universities are facing:


1. Falling Enrolment RatesMedical students are skipping class, making lectures increasingly obsolete - STAT

A hard-hitting issue in many universities recently has been falling enrolment rates.

During the pandemic enrolment rates fell dramatically. The financial pressure this puts on an institution is overwhelming.

To combat this, universities can start by putting a focus on:

  • Using a story-based or personalised marketing strategy
  • Investing in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Engaging with students via relevant social media


2. Declining Student Completion Rates

Student completion rates continue to fall in many universities.

Directly impacted by this is the university’s long-term reputation, student enrolment and income stream.

Also directly impacted are students who drop out or have to re-sit their exams. Students from disadvantaged groups are more likely to be affected.


 3. Increased Focus On Applied Learning For Graduate Employability

There is growing pressure from employers that graduates have more practical work experience.

This expresses the need for universities to offer more work-integrated-learning opportunities to enhance graduate employability such as:

  • Placements
  • Work experience/ internships


This is how to stop students dropping out of university


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