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Libraries are an essential part of the community, providing access to information and resources that support learning and personal growth.


They serve as a public gathering space where people from all walks of life can come together and connect.


It is vital for library staff to receive customer service and de-escalation training, to ensure everyone who enters the library feels welcome and safe.


Providing customer service training to library staff helps them understand the diverse needs and perspectives of people who visit the library.

This includes people of:

  • Different ages
  • Cultures
  • Backgrounds
  • Those who may have unique requirements and expectations

Library staff should be equipped with the skills to communicate with everyone who visits the library in a respectful and professional manner, so that everyone feels valued.

This is particularly important in situations where a library patron may be upset or frustrated. The ability to de-escalate a situation is essential in ensuring a positive outcome for everyone involved.


Providing customer service training helps library staff handle difficult or challenging situations.

For example, a patron may be upset about a policy or rule, or there may be a disagreement about the use of library resources.

In these types of situations, it is critical that library staff have the skills to remain calm and professional, and to work towards resolving the issue in a way that is respectful and fair to all parties involved.

This requires a deep understanding of the library’s policies and procedures, as well as an ability to effectively communicate.


De-escalation training can help library staff learn these skills, so that they are able to handle difficult situations with confidence.



It is important to provide customer service training to library staff to help them understand the impact that their behaviour and attitudes can have on patrons.

  • A staff member who is rude or dismissive towards a patron can create a negative impression of the library and discourage that person from returning.
  • A staff member who is friendly, helpful, and professional can have a positive impact on a patron’s experience and encourage them to return.


This highlights the importance of library staff being able to provide excellent customer service, and the role that training can play in helping them achieve this.


In addition to customer service training, library staff should also receive de-escalation training.
This type of training is designed to help them manage situations where a patron may become angry, upset, or confrontational.


De-escalation training provides library staff with the tools they need to remain calm and professional so that they can effectively defuse the situation.

This is especially important in a library setting, where patrons may be upset about a policy or rule or may be in a state of distress or emotional turmoil.

By having de-escalation skills, library staff can maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the facility.

Providing customer service and de-escalation training to library staff is vital to ensuring that libraries are welcoming, inclusive, and safe spaces for all.


These areas of training help library staff to understand the diverse needs of the people who visit the library, and to handle challenging situations in a professional manner.


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It creates a positive experience for patrons and promotes a safe and secure environment in the library.

By investing in customer service and de-escalation training, libraries can build a culture of excellence that supports the growth and development of their staff and the communities they serve.



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