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Have you considered how you can kick off 2024 by making a difference within your Library Service? 

Training your library staff comes with many benefits, contributing to both individual professional development and overall library efficiency.
Staff development and training is essential for staying current, providing excellent customer service, adapting to changes, and contributing to the success of the library service in fulfilling its mission within the community.


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Here are 5 benefits that training your staff in 2024 can bring to your Library service:


1. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

Training helps staff members acquire new skills and stay updated on the latest technologies and methodologies in library science, ensuring they can effectively perform their tasks and provide excellent service to Library patrons and the community.
The first step in organising training for your team is to identify their training needs. Consider what areas your team may be struggling in, or could benefit from upskilling in or learning more about.
Once these needs are identified, Sparkle Training’s programs are tailored to meet these specific needs so that the training your team receives is relevant to them.


2. Improved Customer Service

Well-trained staff can provide better assistance to library users, offering more accurate information, helping with research, and addressing inquiries with greater efficiency.
Training plays a crucial role in improving customer service by equipping employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to meet and exceed customer expectations.
An effective customer service training program will help staff to:
– Become more customer-centric
– Develop their effective communication skills including questioning and listening skills
– Learn problem-solving and decision-making techniques
– Work as a team


3. Increased Job Satisfaction

Did you know that according to research, 29% of employees don’t feel optimistic about the professional development opportunities they have for upskilling or training?

Employees who do receive training opportunities generally feel more valued and engaged in their work. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.


Employee satisfaction ratings


4. Community Engagement

Promoting community engagement in a library setting involves:
– Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment
– Providing relevant resources and services
– Actively reaching out to the community
Training library staff is key to ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to facilitate effective community engagement.
Well-trained staff can organise and participate in community events, workshops, and programs, building stronger connections between the library and its users.


5. Alignment with Strategic Goals

Training programs can be aligned with the library’s strategic goals, ensuring that staff development is directly contributing to the overall mission and vision of the library.
Aligning training programs with the library’s objectives is essential for creating a team of staff that are not only skilled at what they do, but also strategically aligned.


By investing in the professional development of your library staff, you are not only benefiting the individual employees but also contributing to the overall effectiveness and success of the library as a vital community resource.

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