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Libraries are more than just repositories of books; they are vibrant community hubs offering a wide range of services and resources.

However, with increased competition from online platforms and other forms of entertainment, it’s essential for libraries to find ways to differentiate themselves and attract patrons.

By implementing new strategies, libraries can elevate their services and stand out from the rest. Here are some effective ways to achieve this:


Use Technology

It’s important for libraries to embrace technology and incorporate it into their services. This could include:

  • Offering e-books and digital audiobooks for borrowing
  • Providing access to online databases and research tools
  • Offering technology classes and workshops to help patrons develop digital literacy skills


Libraries are more than just books


Create Unique Programs and Events

Hosting engaging programs and events is a great way to draw patrons into the library and keep them coming back for more. Consider organising author readings, book clubs, workshops, and seminars on topics of interest to your community.

Think outside the box and offer unique events that will be sure to attract new customers into the library.


Personalised Services

Tailoring your services to meet the individual needs of patrons can make your library stand out from the crowd.

Offer personalised reading recommendations, research assistance, and reference services to help patrons find exactly what they’re looking for.

Additionally, consider offering special services for specific demographics, such as children, teens, seniors, or newcomers to the community.


Offer Staff ongoing Training and Support

Train staff to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, and encourage them to go above and beyond to help patrons feel welcome.

Engaging with an external Training Provider who specialises in tailored Customer Service Excellence Training can help to set your Library service apart from others, as your team will be well-equipped to assist patrons with their needs, and can help your Library gain a reputation for providing a great customer experience.

Offering regular training can help your staff stay refreshed keep their skills up to date.


Offer staff ongoing training and support


Collaborate with Community Partners

Collaborating with other local businesses and community partners can help libraries expand their reach and attract new patrons.

Consider partnering with local schools, nonprofits, and cultural institutions to co-host events, share resources, and promote each other’s services.

By working together, you can create a stronger community network.



Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for reaching and engaging with patrons. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are a free way to advertise your services and share information about upcoming events, new acquisitions, and library resources. Encourage patrons to follow and interact with your library on social media, and respond promptly to comments and messages to help with building a sense of community engagement.

Ask for Feedback

By regularly asking for feedback from patrons about their experiences with the library, you can use the information to adapt and improve your services.

  • Conduct surveys
  • Hold focus groups
  • Encourage patrons to provide feedback through comment cards or online forms

You can use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments accordingly.


By implementing some of these effective strategies, libraries can differentiate themselves and stand out from the rest. By continuously evolving and adapting to the changing needs of their communities, libraries can remain vibrant and inviting for patrons in the community from all walks of life.


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