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Sparkle Training

Bring the Sparkle to your work place and your business will reap the immediate and long term benefits.

Sparkle Training covers the complete range of service and communication skills required for delivering positive interactions for your team.

Customised for Libraries, Childcare and the Retail Professions, our training offers a fun learning approach for service providers. Give your staff the opportunity to refresh or learn positive service strategies that bring the Sparkle into their every day service conversations.

The team at Sparkle are not only qualified facilitators but we have lived and experienced the training we deliver. At Sparkle, we know the power of effective communication and practice what we preach, daily. The art of active listening and quality questioning formulate the foundation of our teachings, along with interactive exercises and role play. We delve into crucial conversations, how to deal with difficult people and the all important, building an organisation based on customer service excellence.

Sparkle is part of the HBB Group, and when you engage with us you have complete access to a range of services to grow your staff and business.

Contact the Sparkle team now to discuss with us how you can bring the Sparkle into your organisation on 1300 611 288  |  info@sparkletraining.com.au

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