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Sparkle Training believes that the Library, Childcare and Customer Service areas really are different. As a result they need a different approach to training. With this in mind we set out to create specific training courses designed with these ‘special differences’ in mind. The result of more than 5 years of development, practice and feedback is Sparkle Training.

Take training and development services that truly address the needs of these groups, couple them with facilitators and coaches who actually understand what it is like to work in these fields and you have a ‘Sparkle Experience’.

To discuss how Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Centres Retention and Conversions contact Sparkle today on:

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To contact Sparkle Training, please call: 1300 611 288 or SMS: 0481965405 or Email: info@sparkletraining.com.au or click the button below to send your inquiry online.

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