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Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training

A Child’s Well Being and Safety is every Centre’s #1 priority

Yet, how well does YOUR Childcare/Early Learning Centre RETAIN your families and children?

If the average fee in your Centre is $85 a day per child,
And the average child stays 3 days a week,
For 50 days a year,
Over 4.5 years

Each Child is worth $57,375 to your Centre

How many renovations, new toys, extra staff members could you invest in with $57,375

Alternatively, every time a family takes their child out of your Centre and leaves to go to another alternative, can you really afford to not keep them?

Welcome to Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training

Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training has been customised specifically for Childcare and Early Learning Centres who are looking to deliver outstanding customer service to families.

Childcare Centres are an essential part of every local community and yet, in most cases families have a wide range of choice, from friends, grandparents, other centres, home care and other options, so every Centre must be seen as engaging with families in a way that families are looking for.

This highly interactive day workshop covers the key service and communication skills essential for delivering positive customer experiences in your Centre.


childcare customer service training

“Sparkle Your Families With Excellent Service”

Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training takes a holistic approach to the professional development of Childcare Centres staff by combining customer service skills with emotional resources to build communication, confidence and self-esteem for each individual.

A key theme of Sparkle is to encourage staff to proactively “create positive family experiences” and key topics participants will include:

  • The value of internal and external ‘customers’
  • What families expect from your Centre
  • The difference between a family’s business and emotional needs
  • The value of working as a team
  • The link between empowerment and personal responsibility
  • Meet and satisfy their families emotional Decision Making needs
  • Create positive customer experiences in all situations
  • Develop a Family Service Culture that Sparkles
  • Make positive connections through building rapport
  • Efficiently ask quality questions to gather information
  • Build positive relationships using active listening and positive language
  • Calm and support distressed customers
  • Identify and meet the needs of the different personality styles

To discuss how Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Centres Retention and Conversions contact Sparkle today on:

Call: 1300 611 288 | SMS: 0481965405 | Email: info@sparkletraining.com.au

Custom designed for your centre and your community:

Sparkle is tailored to address each Centres specific issues and requirements and key methodologies include how to:

  • Create a culture of service excellence using the BEAMS principals.
  • Deliver positive customer service to internal and external customers.
  • Support angry and distressed customers in your library.
  • Use DISC Personality Profiling to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Check out the Sparkle Childcare Centre Directors and 2ICs ‘Managers as Coaches’ program at CLICK HERE.

To discuss how Sparkle Centre Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Centre’s Retention and Conversions contact Sparkle today on:

Call: 1300 611 288 | SMS: 0481965405 | Email: info@sparkletraining.com.au

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