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Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training


Sparkle Childcare Customer Service training will support your childcare team with a range of communication skills and service strategies which are designed to bring the Sparkle to each service interaction.





A key goal of our training is to create a Sparkle Family Culture within your Child Care Centre. So, to accomplish this, we cover positive interactive skills combined with empowering emotional resources to increase personal self-esteem. This wonderful combination underpins your staff’s ability to be the best they can be and bring the Sparkle to all situations.

There is also an emphasis on using Sparkle skills to first care for fellow colleagues and work as a team. Based on this, our philosophy is that when the team works well together and provides Sparkle service to each other, their young charges, and families along with the centre will reap the benefits.


childcare customer service training

“Sparkle Your Families With Excellent Service”



An overview of the Sparkle program:

Module 1: Sparkle Service Skills

Module 2: Managing Angry and Distressed Customers

Module 3 Options:

    • Creating a Sparkle Culture of Service Excellence (Approximately 2 hours)


    • Personality Profiling (Approximately 2 hours)


Modules Overview
Module 1 Sparkle Service Skills:

Covers all the important skills and knowledge required to create proactive and positive sparkle experiences for internal and external customers. That includes:

  • What it means to Sparkle in the Child Care Centre.
  • The Power of Goals in life and the workplace.
  • What is Sparkle Service Excellence?
  • Introduce the “Emotional and Business Model”.
  • Seven tips to Sparkle on the inside. (Emotional Resources).
  • How to build rapport.
  • Greet families in a positive way.
  • Questioning skills.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Present information in a positive way.
  • Present bad news.
  • How to wrap up the conversation.


Module 2 Managing Angry and Distressed Customers:

Working with difficult customer situations is made less stressful and more strategic when using Sparkle skills.

Learn how to stay emotionally resourceful under pressure.

Use the PAUSE process to create more positive resolutions in difficult situations.


Module 3 Options:

Managers are now able to select one of two modules to complete their Sparkle training day. Alternatively, our team is happy to create a new module specifically targeted to your needs.

  • Creating a Culture Service Excellence
  • Personality Profiling


To discuss how Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Centres Retention and Conversions contact Sparkle today on. Call: 1300 611 288 | Email: info@sparkletraining.com.au


I learnt to be a more active listener, communicate more effectively, smile more and teamwork. Stress less. Be positive, listen, positive communication and problem solving. Danielle, Acorn Child Care Centre Bundaberg Qld.

Keeping an open mind and positive mindset. Working as a team, respecting others, and staying calm. I really enjoyed the positive mindset we all achieved. Angela, Acorn Child Care Centre Bundaberg Qld.

How to bring my sparkle to not so pleasant situations and difficult clients. To acknowledge where we are, to set goals, have fun, be present, love /show the love. This training is exactly what childcare educators need in 2020. Jessie, Acorn Child Care Centre Bundaberg Qld.

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A Child’s Well Being and Safety is every Centre’s Number 1 Priority!

Yet, how well does YOUR Childcare/Early Learning Centre RETAIN your families and children?

If the average fee in your Centre is $85 a day per child…

And the average child stays 3 days a week…

For 50 days a year…

Over 4.5 years…

Each Child is worth $57,375 to your Centre!

So – how many renovations, new toys, extra staff members could you invest in with $57,375?

Alternatively, every time a family takes their child out of your Centre and leaves to go to another alternative, can you really afford to not keep them?

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To discuss how Sparkle Childcare Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Centres Retention and Conversions contact Sparkle today on. Call: 1300 611 288 | Email: info@sparkletraining.com.au

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