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Sparkle Library Customer Service Training has been developed specifically for Libraries. Fundamentally, the Sparkle Experience will see your Library deliver outstanding and consistent Customer Service. That is, both internally and externally.


About Sparkle

Sparkle Service Training was developed in 2004 in relationship with Fairfield Library. It has since been delivered to Libraries through out Australia. Originally, Sparkle was a two-day program delivered over two weeks. Over time, however, the Sparkle team realised many Libraries did not have the time or budget for a two week two-day program. Thus changes were made to resolve this challenge. Consequently, the fresh look Sparkle we see today is sought after across the APAC region.

Libraries now experience all the fundamental skills and content from the original Sparkle program in a one day training session. Moreover, managers are able to customise or select additional modules based on their specific needs.

Sparkle remains a fun and highly interactive program. And, it is all wrapped up in a one day action-packed workshop.


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“Sparkle Your Library With Excellent Service”


Sparkle Library Customer Service Training values a holistic approach. That is, to the development of library staff and management. Ultimately, this is achieved by combining customer service skills with techniques to build confidence and self-esteem in each individual.

A key theme of Sparkle, is to encourage staff to proactively “create positive customer experiences”. That said, this philosophy applies to staff members as well as external customers.


Sparkle Modules

Module 1: Sparkle Customer Service Skills.


Module 2. Managing Angry and Distressed Customers.


Module 3 Options:

  • Creating a Sparkle Culture of Service Excellence (Approximately 2 hours).


  • Personality Profiling (Approximately 2 hours).


  • Skills to Promote Library (Approximately 2 hours).


Modules Overview


Module 1: Sparkle Customer Service Skills

Covers all the core skills and knowledge required to create proactive and positive Sparkle experiences for internal and external customers.

  • Introduction to Service Training.
  • The Power of Goals.
  • What is Sparkle Service Excellence?
  • Introduce the “Emotional and Business Model”.
  • Seven tips to Sparkle on the inside.
  • How to build rapport.
  • Greet customers in a positive way.
  • Questioning skills.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Present information in a positive way.
  • Manage customers who love to talk.
  • Present bad news.
  • How to wrap up the conversation.


Module 2: Managing Angry and Distressed Customers

Working with difficult customer situations is made less stressful and more strategic when using Sparkle skills. That said, learn how to stay emotionally resourceful under pressure. Use the PAUSE process to create more positive resolutions in difficult situations.


Module 3 Options:

Managers are now able to select one of the three modules to complete their Sparkle training day. Alternatively our team is happy to create a new module specifically targeted to your needs. 

  • Creating a Culture Service Excellence
  • Personality Profiling
  • Skills to Promote Library Services


To discuss how Sparkle Library Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Library’s results contact Sparkle today 1300 611 288  |  info@sparkletraining.com.au


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Custom Designed for Your Library and Your Community

Discover our E-learning Library Leadership and Customer Service Course. More info here including our downloadable brochure.

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I have noted many ideas from the training which I want to share and how to feel more confident. It was engaging training and I learned a lot.

– Angelynn, Muswellbrook Library NSW


I learnt about being positive, setting goals listening skills dealing with stress, interpersonal relationships and customer service skills. Carol was really vibrant engaged the room interesting insightful and humorous. – Jacquie, Muswellbrook Library NSW


Techniques to manage difficult customers, knowing that some people enjoy conflict and to work on my self talk. Sparkle training gives time in a group with my colleagues to work on better customer service for library members and to improve personal relationships. – Monica, Orange Library


I personally appreciated actions to facilitate better relationships and connections with staff, colleagues and members. I like the PAUSE to diffuse difficult customers.

Carol Cooper is an inspiring group facilitator. – Caroline, Orange Library


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To discuss how Sparkle Library Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your Library’s results contact Sparkle today 1300 611 288  |  info@sparkletraining.com.au

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