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The role of Managers, Coaches and Team Leaders is crucial to embedding the Sparkle culture of service through out the organisation.  Ultimately they are responsible for ensuring that the organisation reaps the rewards of what is normally a very extensive investment. Manager Training is crucial in shaping team managers into organisational Leaders.

Sparkle Champions is a one day Leadership, Coaching and Manager Training program designed to teach Managers and Team Leaders the essential skills for guiding and supporting their team members to confidently grow and develop their skills, so that they can create more positive Sparkle experiences for internal and external customers and maintain a culture of Sparkle service excellence.


managers as coaches program

For this reason, the Management Team must be seen as ‘Sparkle Champions’ who develop their Coaching and Leadership skills to help inspire and motivate their people to bring their sparkle to every interaction.



The Manager Training involves participation in a highly interactive and practical workshop that provides them with up-to-date coaching, leadership skills and knowledge. Managers are able to select four key learning areas from the following suite of modules for their one day training program. Additionally, we will customise modules or create new ones to meet your team’s specific needs.

Modules at a Glance
  •  Qualities and Behaviours of Sparkle Champions
  • Managing and Leading the Four Personality Styles
  • CIGAR Feed Back Model
  • Motivation through Recognition
  • GROW Coaching Model
  • Clear and Effective Communication Strategies
  • Working with Challenging Behaviours
  • Influential Communication and Meeting Skills

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In this Manager Training session participants experience a process where they identify the qualities and behaviours of Sparkle Champions, reflect on how they currently use the skills and behaviours, then develop a personal plan to integrate any new skills and behaviours they would like to improve.

Value of Session

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours and qualities required to be a successful and inspirational Sparkle Champion. Additionally, they will also learn how to implement and integrate the learnings into their life and role in the Library. Having this wisdom will provide Champions with more confidence as a leaders. Also, they will possess a sense of clarity about what’s required from a Sparkle Champion and a feeling of comfort in their role.



Knowing how to communicate and meet the needs of the four Behaviour Styles is essential when delivering a Sparkle experience. This Manger Training is for both internal and external customers. Sparkle Champions do a review of the four styles before focusing on how to strategically inspire, lead and create the ideal Sparkle working environment. Each DISC behaviour style – Dominant, Influencer, Steadiness and Conscientious – is explored with team members.

Value of Session

Sparkle Champions are encouraged to rise above personality differences and instead be strategic in how they manage their conversations and behaviours to create Sparkle outcomes. As a result of  this session participants will have a range of communication resources to support them in connecting with their team members at a deeper level and be better placed to inspire and motivate best Sparkle performance.

Having this knowledge provides Champions with increased confidence when dealing with each style, a much greater sense of control when selecting the right style for certain duties and a level of comfort, day to day knowing that they are meeting the communication and behavioural needs of their team members.



Sparkle Champions appreciate that leaders are required to give feedback from time to time. The CIGAR Feedback Model offers a simple but powerful communication process that is aimed at creating respectful, positive, honest and open conversations primarily through the power of questions and two way conversation. Easy to use this process is in alignment with creating positive Sparkle experiences. Participants will learn how to use the model and experience the process during a practice session.

Value of Session

Sparkle Champions will find it so much easier and rewarding to use the CIGAR model for their feedback conversations. They will be able to plan, prepare and conduct their conversations with confidence and ease.



Giving sincere recognition to team members inspires repeat behaviour performances and contributes to a positive Sparkle service culture. Participants will learn the value of recognition in the workplace, what the blockers are to giving recognition and how to deliver sincere recognition within their workplace.

Value of Session

Sparkle Champions will gain a deeper understanding of how to uplift their team members, reinforce Sparkle behaviours and connect more deeply with external customers using recognition and verbal hugs for inspiration.



Used to coach elite athletes around the world the GROW Coaching Model is an excellent communication tool for Sparkle Champions to engage, inspire and support their team members in succeeding and realising their goals and achievements in the library. The premise of GROW is that all people know within themselves the best way to move forward, what is acceptable and what isn’t. By following the GROW process managers are able to conduct positive life changing conversations with prepared questions that encourage their colleagues to think about and consider the best options for themselves.

Value of Session

Using a collaborative approach to supporting team members in achieving their goals, Champions will find the GROW model is easy to use and a highly motivational way to conduct conversations.

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Presenting information, one on one and to groups is made easy using Bernice McCarthys 4 MAT process. Participants will learn a four step process that will enable them to make their messages, presentations and emails more compelling, influential and impactful to the receivers.

Value of Session

Participants will enjoy a higher level of confidents and comfort when communicating and presenting information using this process. Also they will have a strategy that enables them to quickly prepare any  information and make it more accepted by their audience.



One of the most difficult roles for a Sparkle Champion is to motivate or manage people who display challenging behaviour. In this module Champions will gain a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of what drives difficult or challenging behaviour along with a strategy to take control, manage their own responses and manage the behaviour of the other person.

Value of Session

Champions will take away a range of ideas and strategies they can use at any time to interrupt unacceptable or poor behaviours and open the lines to positive communications.

Having these strategies will help them feel more confident, comfortable and in control when faced with negative behaviours.



In todays working environment, time is precious therefore being able to conduct productive and efficient meetings is a valuable skill to develop.

In this module participants will cover how to prepare and conduct meetings in a way that demonstrates professionalism, encourages participation and focuses on achieving outcomes. Along with a three step process to open and close their meetings they will learn the importance of meeting objectives and back up plans, how to positively deal with rejection of their ideas and how to reject the ideas of other in positive way.

Value of Session

Managers and leaders will feel even more empowered and confident with these excellent communication tools to maximise the success of their meetings from beginning to end.



“The skills practice and interaction helped to make the whole experience positive. The content was excellent. I will always remember that with difficult behaviour it is essential to step up and change my own behaviour. I recommend this program to anyone who supervise staff.”  Elizabeth Barry, Central West Libraries.

“This training is inspiring and gives relevant practical skills. The strategies involved interrupting behaviour and modifying performance. Carol gave real life anecdotes that illustrated her concepts well.” Vicky Prestwidge, Central West Libraries.

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To discuss how Sparkle Champions | Manager as Coaches Program will improve your organisation’s results contact Sparkle Training on 1300 611 288 | or email: info@sparkletraining.com.au


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