Madeline Troth

Madeline is a well-rounded business professional who incorporates her project management, administration, customer service and creative design into her work, supporting both HBB Group consultants and our valued clients.

Madeline is well versed working within challenging environments, delivering quality input to support the HBB Group’s team. Prior to joining the HBB Group, Madeline started and grew a successful design business called “Made in Lines Designs” where she created and designed miscellaneous pieces of art for the consumer market.

Following this, Madeline was instrumental in supporting a financial Consulting business in North Sydney where she honed a high range of administration skills and gained a vast amount of knowledge within the financial advisory sector.

Madeline Troth

Madeline’s entrepreneurial and creative desire did not stay dormant for long! She could not suppress her desire for creative business growth.

In 2014 Madeline began designing hydrographic car wraps and had a promotional pop-up stall where she advertised her business more widely. Running businesses has allowed Madeline to gain a high quality of responsibility and understanding of what it takes to support a business and its customers.

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