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Maud Vanhoutte

Maud Vanhoutte began her own business Reflet Nouveau at only 21 years old in her hometown of Paris, with a focus on Personal Branding, Image Consulting and Styling. Through the her own brainchild of Reflet Nouveau, as well as partnerships with the International School of Styling, and the French Network of Image Consultants, Maud trained and mentored hundreds of future image consultants and stylists over the years.

With her clients always front of mind, Maud excels in teaching advanced communication techniques, understanding body language, as well as being a qualified NLP specialist.

Maud’s client list is extensive, working with the likes of the Intercontinental, Westin, Galeries Lafayettes, Kenzo, Jacqueline Riu, Sephora, as well as the French Military School and government services. Maud also attends to an array of industries, including in construction, marketing, advertising, and IT to name but a few.

Part of Maud’s drive is helping community groups, she has established a long track record in working with people with disabilities and minority groups, including the Indigenous community. Inclusion is at the heart of everything that Maud teaches.

In 2014, Maud relocated to Sydney, and further stepped up her skill set by starting a soft skills training centre, New Reflections, focusing on personal and professional development. Success breeds success is Maud’s mantra, with her Australian clients growing quickly from the likes of the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust, China Eastern, UNSW, Franck Provost, Fighting Chance, Resolution Media, NTT, and many more.

Maud excels in the facilitation of:

  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Body Language & Communication skills
  • Soft skills in Sales
  • Personal Branding: Corporate Styling
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Team Building Solutions
  • Customer Service
  • Confidence Building
  • Happiness at Work
  • Power of Positive Thinking

To discuss how Maud can assist your organisation please contact her on info@sparkletraining.com.au or call 1300 611 288

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