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Will Hyde

Will Hyde


Will Hyde is an aspiring marketing graduate who is developing an all-around, versatile, and adaptable skillset in both Sales and Marketing. With a resolute commitment to learning, Will already exhibits strengths in Personal Selling, CRM, Digital Marketing and Developing marketing strategy.

In a me driven society, Will comes to the HBB Group with humility and passion, he says “I understands success in today’s business environment requires the modern marketer to often check their ego at the door and commit to learning and developing new skills in a constantly changing environment”.

Will recently graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelors’ degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing. Throughout his studies, Will specialised in Sales Management, Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy while also picking up a variety of marketing and Sales experiences along the way.

Most recently, Will has been a part of the EY Sweeney market research team working on the Household Travel Survey project for the NSW Government, which include:

  • Personal Selling
  • Database Construction
  • Data Analytics

Will is a brilliant communicator and thrives when working with SMEs. His recent achievement included embedding himself into a local business and boosting their sales & marketing performance, taking on over 50 new clients during a 6 month tenure as Sales Manager. Will is a natural Sales Leader in the making, and an example of what the KONA Group represents – Commitment, Growth, Resilience, Leadership and Integrity.

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